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About Lyons Contracting –
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Founded in 1996, Lyons Contracting has quickly become the expert and preferred roofer for Alexandria and Falls Church, VA area homeowners as well as many other surrounding Northern VA towns. They know that when they turn to Lyons Contracting for roofing or roof repair, they won’t just pick any roof system. Lyons Contracting works with their clients to choose the right roof for their home, custom fitting the full roofing system to exact specifications, and ensuring that the roof is built to last.

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Thomas Petrilli, Owner of Lyons Contracting

Lyons Contracting was founded by Tom Petrilli with the idea that the Northern Virginia residential roofer industry needed a new, more customer-centric approach. Too many roofing companies were not taking into account the voice of the homeowner and installing the roofing systems that they had on hand or wanted to install. At Lyons Contracting, we offer the wide selection of traditional, contemporary, and custom roofing systems that we do in order for our clients to have the choice. We lend our expertise to the project, but our goal is always to meet the client’s vision for their new roof.

A Love Story Turned Success Story

When Lyons Contracting owner and founder Tom Petrilli says he loves his work, he means it! Here’s Tom telling the story of how he came to start his own home improvement business in his own words:

“I’ve always loved construction and cannot remember a time when I wanted to do anything else. My first job after high school was with a roofing contractor, working during the day while I attended college at night. I studied construction management and planned on a career working for a commercial construction contractor. But, as I was moving through my classes, I realized I was training for a job I didn’t really want. I spent a few years working in different trades, looking to find the right fit. But I always went back to roofing, which was by far my favorite type of work.

While working for a roofing contractor I became disappointed with the way the business was being managed. I would talk to my girlfriend about starting my own company and would tell her all about how I would do it better. She grew tired of my talking and one day surprised me with a stack of business cards with my name on them! The name of the company was only something I had written on cocktail napkins, I hadn’t even applied for a license yet. I thanked her for the thoughtful gift and said that I would get things going soon.

One week later my boss called me into his office and held up one of my business cards. It was the ONLY card I had kept out of the box! My boss said, ‘I found this in the parking lot, it seems you have some plans, better get to them now because you’re fired,’ were the words that sent me on my way. At the door I was handed a check for $88.37 (one days pay) which really came in handy as I had $153 in my bank account.

Within two weeks I was fully licensed, insured and completely broke. With no money for advertising I started knocking on doors of homes with a roof that needed repair. You cannot believe how hostile people get when you knock on their door! It took three weeks to sell my first roofing job, on Wellington Road in Alexandria. I pass that home every so often and the roof still looks great! I took the profits from that first job and bought plastic job signs, then proceeded to cover that poor family’s yard with them.

Fast forward 20 years; my lovely girlfriend became my lovely wife and I’m still here doing what I love, installing beautiful, durable roofs for my friends and neighbors throughout northern Virginia."

Only the Highest Quality Materials

In order to truly meet and exceed the expectations of our clients, we partner with some of the nation’s leading producers of quality roofing systems. These manufacturers, which include GAF, Firestone, and Revere, were carefully chosen for their devotion to quality and innovation. Our roofing contractors have undergone countless hours of factory and on-the-job training with their products in order to ensure the precision of our installations.

The roof is such a vital aspect of the look, comfort, and value of your home. It needs to be built, installed, and attended to by people who truly care for you, your home, and your safety. Here at Lyons Contracting, we offer the precise craftsmanship, dedicated service, and deep warranties you need to feel better about your roof and your home.

Free Estimate from the Best Alexandria VA Area Roofer

When you’re searching for a  top quality roofer and/or roof repair services that you can trust, call Lyons Contracting at (703) 299-8888 or fill out our convenient online contact form to schedule your free in-home no obligation consultation today!

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