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Wind damaged roofs - Lyons Contracting

Wind damaged roofs

Perhaps you’ve just returned from your holiday to find some roof shingles in your yard; they might be from your roof or they could be from a house on another block.

Northern Virginia has had some incredibly high winds over the past week, some in excess of 80 mph. The same winds that knock down trees and power lines can send a few of your roof shingles sailing away as well; don’t panic its usually an easy fix.

If you find a few shingle tabs in your yard step back a bit and look at the color; does it match your roof ? Look up at the roof, especially at the ridge line; see any bumps that weren’t there before?  Ridge vents and furnace flues can sometimes get loose in high winds, they should all look straight.

IMG_0840 This furnace flue got pushed over in the wind; you can see how the corner of the flashing was pulled up.

Back Camera Wind reaches its highest speed at the edges of a solid object (like an airplane wing); the most common place for shingles to be damaged is at the ridge/peak of the roof.

missing shingles
missing shingles

Sometimes the missing shingles can be hard to see.

creased shingle tab
creased shingle tab

This shingle tab bent back and over in the wind; asphalt shingles aren’t flexible, they only bend back once, the second time a shingle bends back it cracks off and flies away.

If you suspect that your roof has taken a beating in the winds you can call us anytime, we will go up  and inspect for damage. We will take pictures of the damage (if any) and let you know the level of urgency for any repairs. Call us now (703) 299-8888.



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