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What is Lyons Contracting doing for the Environment? - Lyons Contracting

What is Lyons Contracting doing for the Environment?

Learn more about what Lyon’s Contracting is doing and what you can do to help the environment through roofing.

What we are doing for the environment:

  1. When we replace your roof, we remove all the old metal flashings and replace them with new. The average roof has about 20 pounds of scrap metal: we recycle every bit of it.
  2. We are one of the few companies certified to install a product that’s made of 98 percent recycled materials — including radiator hoses, car bumpers and other automotive trim. This is a great looking and long lasting product — and a dead-ringer for real slate. To complete the circle, we’re urging Virginia lawmakers to let paving manufacturers recycle asphalt roofing materials into asphalt paving for highways, as many states have done. When that changes, we’ll be recycling your old roof into roads.
  3. We use installation methods that cut down on VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). The sealants, adhesives and primers we use are all low-VOC to keep the air cleaner and still give quality performance.
  4. We encourage the use of Energy Star rated roofing where possible.

What can you do to help?

  1. Ask questions about materials and their effect on the environment. Also, look at the cost per year and volume of waste in the tables below and buy the best roof you can afford. Figures below are for a midsized single family home.
Length of Warranty Cost of installation Cost per year lbs per 65 years in landfill
20 year $4,000.00 $200.00 13,975 lbs
30 year $4,600.00 $153.00 11,266 lbs
Lifetime $5,300.00 $81.00 5,830 lbs

As you can see, the best quality roof will cost less per year than the cheaper roof and will keep at least 8,145 lbs out of our constantly shrinking landfills.

  1. One more reason to buy the best roof you can is this: the table below shows the cost of removing and replacing the various shingle systems.
Length of Warranty Replacements per 65 years Total roofing costs for 65 years
20 year 3.25 $13,000.00
30 year 2.16 $9,966.00
Lifetime 1 $5,300.00

The DC area is unique; we have very high turnover in housing. Just think about how many of your neighbors have moved in and out of your neighborhood in the past five years. We understand that you, too, may be moving soon — but please consider installing the best roof you can. You’ll get a higher price for your house based on the great quality roof — and you’ll be doing a pretty big favor for the environment as well.

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