Top Roofing Materials to Beat the Summer Heat

Summer is here, which means you turn to your AC to beat the heat. As you customize your indoor climate, make sure you have a cool roof to lower your costs for comfort.

Roofing Materials

As an experience contractor providing roofing in Arlington, VA and all of Northern Virginia, Lyons Contracting wants to share with you the most effective roof materials that can boost your home’s energy performance throughout summer. These four are the best solar reflectors and thermal emitters available:


Much like other sought-after materials used for tile roofs, slate normally has adequate reflective properties, but its solar reflectance can easily be improved with proper surface treatments. In addition, glazing slates can increase their waterproofing qualities.


This is an attractive choice for metal roofing in Arlington, VA, with its remarkable inherent ability to re-radiate the heat from the sun. With reflective coatings, your roof can have top-notch solar reflectance and thermal emittance to minimize the amount of heat it will absorb.


Asphalt shingles with specially coated granules deliver high-performance energy efficiency. Particularly GAF’s Timberline® Cool Shingle Series, your roof can maintain your preferred temperature in your attic and lower your energy costs by up to 15%.

It’s not advisable, however, to coat your existing asphalt shingles to make them cool. The key is to choose new, factory-coated shingles to get better solar reflectance.


Thermoplastic polyolefin adds impressive weather-resistance to flat roofing in Arlington, VA. It can withstand oppressive heat and provide excellent insulation to dramatically minimize heat loss.

Our team is fully trained and certified to install Firestone flat roofing systems. You need not to worry about workmanship-related defects. Rest assured that your roof will last for the years to come.

Other than energy-efficient materials, choosing an entire system with premium component that can enhance your roofing’s solar reflectance and insulation is imperative. To find the apt roof material and system for your home, call Lyons Contracting now at (703) 299-8888.

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