Roofing Manufacturers

Here at Lyons Roofing, we partner with some of the leading producers of quality roofing materials in order to ensure that our clients receive only the very best in materials, installations, and warranties. We believe that even the most gifted contractors, remodelers, and builders in the world could not perform lasting roofing projects without access to top of the line materials like those produced by our manufacturers.

Here is a brief look at why we chose to work with each of our manufacturers:

We choose GAF for most of our shingle roof projects because GAF is the leading producer of quality asphalt shingles in the world. In addition to their innovative materials and products, they provide our roofers with rigorous factory training in order to ensure that our installations are precise. They also offer one of the deepest limited roofing warranties you will ever find. To learn more about GAF, click here.

We turn to Firestone for the majority of our flat or low slope roofing projects because we trust them to always be on the cutting edge. Their ingenuity when it comes to rubber layers and specialized coatings is unmatched. Firestone also provides us with deep warranties on their roofing products, which we can then pass on to our clients. To learn more about Firestone, click here.

Revere Copper
When we need beautifully crafted copper metal roofing, we turn to Revere Copper. They have been producing copper roofing materials since 1801! Their longevity can be attributed to a commitment to quality, constant innovation, and an eye for what homeowners need and want from their copper metal roof. They also provide us with deep warranties. To learn more about Revere Copper, click here.

Our Own Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication Center
When a homeowner wants a metal roof, but cannot find a traditional style that suits his or her vision, we can custom fabricate a sheet metal roof to exact specifications. This allows us to always come through with the right metal roof for our clients. We are one the only roofing company that can craft such high quality custom metal roofing.

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