Reasons to Install a New Roof This Fall

If it has been some time since you last checked your roof, then the coming season is your chance to do so. If you notice that your roof has curled shingles or if there are leaks inside your home, then its due time for a roof replacement.

Here are some very good reasons for you to install a new roof this season:

Prevent Unplanned Costs

While roof repair can extend the lifespan of your roof, there are times when it is not enough. Replacing your roof completely ensures that you will not have to worry about maintenance costs anytime soon. This will also keep you from spending time and money conducting emergency repairs in the event that it completely gives in. As your preferred roofing company in Falls Church, VA, Lyons Contracting offers high-quality roofing that will give you peace of mind. We offer asphalt shingles that are durable and can resist strong winds and severe weather for a long time. These also come with strong warranties that will protect you from product defects and poor workmanship.

The Weather is Predictable

Fall usually means pleasant weather; it’s neither too hot nor too cold. Your local roofer can work for hours without risking heat exhaustion. Additionally, extreme heat from the sun can cause asphalt shingles to become brittle, which becomes vulnerable when stepped on by people working on your roof. We have many years of experience working in adverse conditions. We also have the latest knowledge in installation techniques, which will ensure that your roof will provide great performance.

Prepare Your Home for Winter

Fall gives you the chance to improve your home’s energy efficiency for the cold months ahead. As an experienced roofing contractor in Falls Church, VA, we offer custom metal roofing, that can trap heat in your home during winter, which can help promote comfort in your home. This will keep you from using too much of your cooling systems, which will lead to more energy savings.

Installing a new roof this fall is a cost-effective home improvement project. Let Lyons Contracting help you upgrade your home this season. For replacement roofing concerns, call us today.

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