Pro Advice: Spot and Solve Roof Leaks Before It’s too Late

A leaky roof can do more than make you feel frustrated; it can also break your budget. Before you notice the telltale signs on your wall or ceiling, water may already have caused mold growth, rotting, and other damage. Fortunately, roof leaks are reparable most of the time. The important thing is to get to the problem and provide a solution immediately.

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Save your roof from irreparable damage with from the trusted experts in roofing in Arlington, VA. Lyons Contracting explains the telltale signs of a leak, and the ways to fix these.

Finding Roof Leaks

Look at your ceiling and walls. If you could see bubbles, or dark mold and mildew spots, you might have a leak. Drywall that begins to come undone is also a sign. Moreover, inspect your roof for shingles that are curling, missing, or cracking. Look for areas on your roof where water may be pooling, as these may be the source of the leak.

Locate the origin of the leak on your metal roofing in Arlington, VA, by using a garden hose to soak the part just above the affected area inside your home. Ask someone to wait inside and wait for the drip to happen. Check roof vents, plumbing, chimneys, or anything that protrudes through the roof, as these can also be sources of leaks.

Fast Fix

Temporarily fix leaks caused by a hole with a 12×12-inch piece of galvanized sheet metal flashing. All you need to do is lift the damaged shingle, and push the sheet metal flashing underneath so it covers the hole. Cover a larger area by prying more roofing nails above the affected shingle, allowing you to push the flashing all the way up.

Permanent Solution

Patching up leaks can only work for some time. Contact Lyons Contracting to provide a lasting solution. We eliminate all the guesswork in spotting leaks by doing a quick yet comprehensive assessment of the damage to determine the necessary repairs. We place temporary measures before we quickly move forward to making lasting repairs.

If we find that damage has taken too great a toll and replacement is your best choice, we can also give quality options for reroofing. We are prepared to install any roofing system, including traditional shingle roofs, slate roofs, metal roofs, and more.

Count on Lyons Contracting to help you locate and fix sneaky roof leaks. Call us at (703) 299-8888 or fill out our form today to schedule your free in-home no obligation consultation!

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