Popular Roof Types and Their Matching Home Styles

One of the best ways to simplify your choice of a roof type is to look at the style of your home. As every home style evokes a certain character, your roof should be the defining element of your property.

Home Styles

As the authority in everything roofing in Arlington, VA, Lyons Contracting wants to share with you the best home styles that match with many of the most popular roofing systems today.


Roof shingles are so adaptable they’re almost applicable to most home styles. They come in wood, asphalt, and fiberglass; each offers a distinct energy performance, but all are versatile in design.

Cedar, pine, or redwood gives your home the classic rustic look, but asphalt can emulate the beauty of different wood species at a fraction of the cost. Fiberglass shingles consist of wood grain and asphalt, but they feature an innovative covering to deliver better energy efficiency and resistance to harsh elements.


A popular choice for Victorian homes, slate roofing brings unmistakable sophistication and elegance. Of all its winning qualities, its most desirable property is durability. The fact that it could last for more than a century, it easily bests any roofing material in terms of longevity.


The use of standing seam is growing in popularity as of late, especially in contemporary homes. The utility of metal roofing in Arlington, VA, though, doesn’t end in modern abodes. With thoughtful fabrication, metal roof systems can freshen up traditional architecture.


Be it clay or concrete, tiles and Spanish-style homes are a match made in heaven. Like slate, they’re extremely tough to endure the worst of natural elements. What’s unique to tile roofs is they’re extremely customizable, allowing you to pick your preferred shape, color, and thickness.

Thanks to modern innovations, tile roofs can now mimic different types of roofing to suit other architectural styles, such as Colonial and Tudor.


When it comes to low-slope and flat roofing in Arlington, VA, nothing comes close to thermoplastic polyolefin membranes. TPO is highly sought-after for modern designs and even traditional styles with a less prominent rooftop. It delivers impeccable heat reflectivity and weather resistance to help keep your home comfortable and intact year after year.

Let Lyons Contracting help you choose the best roof type for your home style. Call us now at (703) 299-8888, and discuss your ideas with our product specialist.

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