How to Create Sustainable Roofing Systems

As more people are becoming aware of the effects of climate change, there has been a growing demand for sustainable products that can help protect the environment such as sustainable roofing in Arlington, VA. Sustainable roofing is usually made of materials with recycled content. It is also manufactured by reducing or eliminating the use of volatile organic compounds (VOC), which helps improve air quality and reduce ozone depletion.

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The Role of Humans in Achieving Sustainable Roofing Projects

We are responsible for our actions and in the long run, it is us who will reap the end results. As such, we have to take an active role in ensuring that our roofing is truly sustainable so we can leave a healthier world to the next generation. How can we achieve this? Here are some ways on how we can create sustainable roofing systems.

  1. Choose energy-efficient roofing materials that promote sustainability such as shingles, natural slate, and other roofing products made from recycled materials. Metal roofing is also a great choice as it has a huge percentage of recycled content, which makes it very eco-friendly. Opting for energy-efficient roofing materials will help you minimize your energy consumption.
  2. Installing roof vapor retarders and air barriers will help reduce the accumulation of moisture, therefore, eliminating an environment that promotes mold growth.
  3. Properly insulating roofs makes your home more comfortable, no matter what the season is. When there is proper insulation, you can minimize heat gain during warm months and heat loss during cold months.
  4. Using the roof as an extra living space is one way to have a sustainable roofing system. Roofs can be built in such a way that they can be utilized for social activities. You can also create a garden on the rooftop or install a “living roof system.”
  5. Avoid using materials that contain harmful chemicals that can affect those who work on the roof, as well as those who live in your house.

Create Sustainable Roofing Systems with the Experts

If you want to install sustainable roofing in your home, Lyons Contracting is a name you can trust. We offer various roofing materials that are eco-friendly, including metal roofing in Arlington, VA. Metal roofing is known to last up to three times longer than other roofing materials. It is also very energy-efficient as it reflects heat away from your house during warm months and traps heat during cold months. In addition, metal roofing doesn’t need a lot of maintenance, therefore, helping homeowners reduce their roofing expenses.

Install a sustainable roofing system and take the first step towards creating an eco-friendly home today! Get a free estimate from Lyons Contracting by calling us at (703) 299-8888.

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