A New Roof: Preparing Your Home for a Makeover

Remodeling your home can be rewarding. You will go through the initial feeling of excitement during the planning stage and the daunting feeling that comes with the implementation. Finally, you’ll be overjoyed upon seeing your improved home.

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Whether you are having a roof replacement in Alexandria, VA or simply refurbishing an old space, the remodeling experience is different for first-timers and experienced homeowners. Lyons Contracting lists some of the things you can do to prepare your home for remodeling.

When Remodeling

Protect your carpeted stairs by laying a tarp over it, taking wood strips, and laying them in the corner where each stair meets. Hold the wood strips to the carpet by using wood nails, so it will be easier to use the stairs during the remodeling period. You will also want to protect wood stairs by taping it down.

To keep the mess from spreading to the next room, cut two pieces of plastic that are 2/3 the width of the door. Tape one plastic piece to the top and one side of the door. Do the same to the opposite side with the other piece. Check if you could walk through your protected doorway with ease.

For the windows, use a thin, stretchable piece of plastic. Stretch it across the windows and use a blow dryer to make it tight.

When Painting

Empty the room completely and cover outlets with tape. Cover sconces with plastic bags. Protect the floor and baseboards with a layer of plastic. For extra protection, lay a drop cloth over the plastic.

When Moving Items

Avoid simply pushing a huge appliance out of a room, as it may damage the floor and the appliance itself. Instead, push it onto a piece of cardboard and into an appliance dolly. Lay down a carpet pad when transporting heavy appliances to protect hardwood floors and any piece of furniture that may dent easily.

Roofers in Alexandria, Virginia and remodeling professionals alike agree that the ultimate way to prepare for any remodeling project is to plan and communicate. So prior to beginning the project, plan and coordinate with your contractor. Alleviate your woes about roof replacement remodeling by enlisting a contractor that has been in the industry for a long time. At Lyons Contracting, we make sure to choose the best roof for our clients. We also partner with trusted manufacturers to ensure high-quality products.

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