4 Ways We Provide the Best Roofing Service

Keeping your roof system in top form is essential to maintaining the weather protection, comfort, and energy efficiency of your home. To help you achieve this, make sure that your choice of roofing contractors can provide the best service that your system deserves.


Lyons Contracting is the fully certified roofing contractor that homeowners trust to work on their roofing in Alexandra, VA. Turn to us to experience lasting protection and performance from your system. Here are the four ways we can deliver the best possible roofing service:

1. We carry the right licenses and insurance. This allows us to perform roofing work in your area. Having the proper business licenses also ensures that we are an established roofing company with the necessary knowledge on codes and regulations involved with this kind of home improvement project. Since we also have insurance to protect you and your investment, you can avoid the stress and additional costs brought on by sloppy workmanship.

2. We are fully certified by the top roofing manufacturers. Lyons Contracting has full manufacturer certifications from GAF, Firestone, and Revere — some of the best names in the roofing industry. This means that we have exceeded the stringent requirements and testing set by the brand, allowing us to provide you with the appropriate solutions to your roofing needs. These distinctions also provide you access to solid manufacturer warranties covering materials and our own workmanship guarantee.

3. We offer top quality roofing materials. Lyons Contracting has a wide selection of lovely and durable materials from the leading manufacturers. These include asphalt shingles from GAF which offer superior beauty and protection for your home, and flat TPO roofing from Firestone for your commercial property. We also have Revere’s crafted copper metal roofing. Regardless of your choice, we make sure that your roofing materials can maximize the protection, comfort, and efficiency of your home.

4. We provide expert roof repairs. You’ll need a professional roofer like Lyons Contracting to deal with your roof’s issues. Whether your system is experiencing roof leaks or storm damage, trust our team to restore your roof to its original condition. We also offer slate roof repair in Alexandria, VA, to extend its service life.

Expect the best roofing service when you choose Lyons Contracting. Fill out our form today for a free estimate.

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