4 Tips to Planning a Stress-Free Roof Replacement

A complete roof replacement is a big project. It can cause a disruption to your regular household routines for a little bit no matter how smooth the project goes, but you can remove any stress by choosing the right roofing contractor.

Roof Replacement

As one of the top providers of roof replacement and roof repair in Springfield, VA, Lyons Contracting shares all the tips you will need to make your roof replacement as stress-free as possible. Many things go into planning this major project properly, but these four pointers make up the roadmap for success:

Finalize Your Budget

First off, think of how much you’re willing to spend on everything. Having this magic number in your head can guide you toward your material choice and contractor. While you’re at liberty to decide how deep you want to go into your pocket, it should be realistic.

The number of square feet of roofing has to be installed, the amount of labor it requires, and the contractor’s skills will all affect the cost. The key is to get an estimate for everything and save about 20% of the cost of your roof replacement in Fairfax, VA, for contingencies to avoid delays.

Decide on Your Material

Consider the material’s style, weight, and performance. Every option brings something different to the table, so you should be aware of each one’s unique characteristics. The more you know about the pros and cons of all materials, the more you can choose the one that best suits your needs without making your budget a nightmare.

Hire a Certified Contractor

The beauty of hiring a certified roofer is the guarantee of quality. Compared to uncertified contractors, roofing manufacturers stand behind roofers in Fairfax, VA. It means the latter has undergone rigorous training to meet the strict standards set by the leading brands.

You may spend a little more if you hire someone certified, but you can rest assured that you’d get what you pay for. Smart homeowners invest in quality to avoid premature roof failures and access powerful warranties.

Prep Yourself

Brace yourself for the mess, noise, and presence of other people in your property. If you work from home, figure out where you could do your job without getting distracted for the duration. You might want to hold off some gatherings you plan to host. If you have things outside, you might have to put them away temporarily to clear the job site.

Expect your daily routine to be a bit different, but the disturbances of roof replacement aren’t completely bothersome for the prepared.

Let Lyons Contracting help you plan your project right. Call us now at (703) 299-8888 and let’s talk about your roof upgrade.

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