3 Winning Qualities Slate and Metal Roofing Share

Slate and metal are two of the most sought-after roofing materials today. What you may not know is that both options share many winning qualities.

Metal Roofing

Synonymous with high-quality roofing in Alexandria, VA, Lyons Contracting shares the advantages common to slate and metal roofs.


Slate and metal roofing systems can outlive most roofing options. In fact, slate can last for over a century, while metal can remain intact for up to 70 years. The impressive longevity of both options speaks of their impeccable durability and exceptional resilience to harsh elements. When we work on your slate or metal roof replacement in Fairfax, VA, we’ll make sure it will stay sturdy for generations with minimal upkeep.

Fire Resistance

They are two of the most fire-resisting roof materials that exist today. Slate is 100% fireproof, while metal doesn’t spark and ignite in case of lightning strikes and wildfires. With a roofing system resistant to fire, you can help prevent the spread of flame to other rooms.


Available in a variety of grades, cuts, and colors, a slate roof can lend your home a striking and sophisticated exterior. While missing tiles may be a major aesthetic concern, an immediate slate roof repair in Alexandria, VA, can quickly restore its splendor.

On the other hand, metal is highly versatile to style up almost every imaginable home style. Standing seam can be easily fabricated to meet any roof design requirements. Whether you want it alone or combined with other materials, metal will surely give your home a sleek and crisp appearance.

Let’s talk about the design of your slate or metal roofing. Call Lyons Contracting now at (703) 299-8888, and let us know what types of roofs you’d like to explore.

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