3 Perils of a Leaky Roof

A leaky roof can single-handedly make your house less of a home. Considering the long list of headaches it creates, you should get it fixed the moment you notice the signs of a leak.

Roof Leaks

As one of the top roofers in Fairfax, Virginia, Lyons Contracting understands some of the perils of roof leaks. If water leakage has never alarmed you in the past, you might change your mind if you realize that it:

Weakens the Home’s Structure

The very reason you have a roof above your head is to keep your interior dry. The moment rainwater seeps through holes in your roofing system, it might lead to deterioration.

Water could find its way to any part of your home. From your ceiling to your foundation, it can weaken your home. It may take a while before it would take its toll, but it would compromise your otherwise structurally sound house.

In addition, severe water intrusion can necessitate a roof replacement in Fairfax, VA. Remember: your roof deck is made of wood, so water could rot away the very support system of your home’s primary layer of defense.

Renders Insulation Ineffective

Water and attic insulation don’t mix. When it becomes wet, your insulation will lose its integrity and render it useless in controlling heat flow.

If inefficient insulation isn’t enough to merit a roof repair in Springfield, VA, mold growth should give you another reason to patch up the leakage. The high level of moisture sets the stage for mold growth. Even if the climate is dry, a damp attic is a perfect breeding ground for these allergens to reproduce quickly. When this happens, your family is at risk of developing a host of respiratory illnesses.

Is a Fire Hazard

A minor roof leak would suffice to create an open circuit. Especially if there’s a breach in the insulation, the water can cause fire when it reaches uncovered electrical wiring. The water also becomes electrically charged, shocking anyone that comes in contact with it.

Let Lyons Contracting help you find any cause for concern in your roof. Call us now at (703) 299-8888, and schedule a professional inspection at the most convenient time.

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