3 Important Ways a New Roof Will Make Your Home Better

Your roof is your home’s primary defense against harsh weather conditions, so keeping it in good condition is a top priority. Damaged roof systems can lead to costly water damage, poor indoor air quality, and reduced thermal comfort.

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That’s why you should schedule a regular roof inspection, so Lyons Contracting can repair damage quickly. Due to age and extensive damage, however, it might be necessary to replace your roof. With a new roof, your home will enjoy several benefits.

A New Roof Will Make Your Home More Beautiful

As the expert in steep slope and flat roofing in Arlington, VA, we can install and replace practically any kind of roof. This means you can choose from different roofing materials and find the one that will enhance your home’s curb appeal. In addition, we’ve partnered with leading manufacturers to give you the best and most beautiful roofs in the market today. Our different roof types come in different colors and designs.

A New Roof Will Better Protect Your Home from the Weather

A new roof will protect your home against the weather. Sticking with your old and damaged roof increases the risk of water damage to your interior, so it’s better to get a replacement immediately. We offer roofs that can stand against anything the weather can throw at them. Our metal roofs are impervious to moisture, our tile roofs resist high winds, and our slate roofs can handle the heat, the cold, and long-term sun exposure without any problem.

A New Roof Will Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient

New roofing in Arlington, VA, can also save you money in your energy bills. Damaged and old roofs allow air leaks, making the job of your utility system harder and causing it to consume more energy. A new roof will help prevent energy from escaping.

Some of our roof systems not only prevent air and water leaks, as these also have energy-efficient features. For instance, our metal roofs can trap heat in during winter, and reflect heat in the summer. This makes your home’s interior temperature more stable and comfortable, saving you money in utility bills.

A new roof will make your home more beautiful and make it a better place. We provide a wide range of roof systems, so you’ll have many choices. If you need help deciding, allow us to draw on our nearly two decades of roofing experience. Rest assured that Lyons Contracting recommends complete roof replacement only when necessary.

Give us a call to learn more about roof replacements, or to schedule a free in-home no obligation consultation.

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