3 Common Roofing Questions

Your roof acts as a shield that protects you and your home from the harshest elements while helping maintain its comfort and efficiency at the same time. If you want to benefit from that same effective protection for many decades, invest in a quality replacement roof when your existing one is on the decline.


However, you’ll need to cover all the basics with this home improvement project. Here are three common roofing questions that can prevent you from going into this investment blind while helping you make the most of this project.

1. Why Do You Need a Roof Replacement?

Leak, missing shingles, sagging roof — You are probably well aware of why you need work done on your roofing in Arlington, VA. If it’s old, failing, and fast becoming a liability, then you’ll definitely need to have it replaced. You should also consider the long-term benefits this can provide for you and your home. If you’re looking for a cost-effective material without particular preference for endurance, try asphalt shingles. If endurance is a concern, however, you might prefer a metal roof, which is costlier but will last twice as long.

2. What Materials Should You Look For?

You should also consider the area you live in when looking to replace your roof. The location, its weather patterns, and the environment can greatly influence the performance of your replacement unit. For instance: a metal roof will work best in regions with wet and cold weather. Tile roofs will endure in desert areas while slate roofing is an excellent choice in any climate.

3. Will Your Choice Affect Your Home’s Efficiency?

Your roof system plays an essential role in maintaining your home’s energy efficiency. Materials like metal and clay can regulate the temperature in your home better than other options. This helps maintain a more comfortable indoor environment, reduces your reliance on your HVAC system, and results in reduced energy costs.

Whether you need slate, tile, or flat roofing in Arlington, VA, you can turn to Lyons Contracting. We only use the highest quality materials from the leading manufacturers, including GAF, Firestone, and Revere Copper. With our expert team, we’ll also make sure that your new roof is installed properly and expertly.

Knowing which questions to ask can help you plan better for your project, and Lyons Contracting will be there to provide the answers you need. Call us today at (703) 299-8888 for a free estimate.

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