Roof Repair News & Updates

Wind damaged roofs

Perhaps you’ve just returned from your holiday to find some roof shingles in your yard; they might be from your roof or they could be ...
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Chimney Flashing Repair

One of the top sources for roof leaks is the flashing around the chimney.  Making and installing flashings on the roof is part art and ...
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Hail Damaged Roof

A quick Q & A when it comes to hail damage and your home: What does hail damage on my roof look like?
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Long Term Roof Leaks

How long has it been leaking? Its my first question when someone calls about their roof; and sometimes its hard for my clients to answer.
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Ice Dam

Ice dams occur when temperatures are low and there are a few inches of snow on the roof. The only way to make it stop ...
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Roof in a Can

This is one of those classic examples of a “Roof in a Can”.
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