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The Last Tin Roof- metal roofing in Northern Virginia

All over the historic areas of Northern Virginia roofs of houses, state buildings and even barns have been protected by what we’ve come to know …

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Hurricanes and Roofs: Northern Virginia Roofing Service

In about two hours from now the first rain and wind from Hurricane Irene will be here in Northern Virginia; its going to make a …

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Northern Virginia Earthquake Roof and Building Damage

Please feel free to add to this in the comments section- this is a short checklist for homeowners to follow when they get home from …

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Charcoal Timberline shingle roof with standing seam copper porch

There are many houses in Arlington and Alexandria that are virtually identical to this one, most were built  50 to 70 years ago; this house …

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Shingle roof repair or replacement? What’s best?

This roof took a beating in high winds. When looking over the necessary repairs it became obvious that replacing the missing and damaged shingles would …

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From metal to membrane- low slope roof replacement

This is standing seam tin roof, probably around 40 years old.  During high winds the eave edge of the roof was peeled back and flipped …

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Free Estimate from the Best Alexandria VA Area Roofer

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