Flat Roofing News & Updates

Flat roof replacement and metal cornice

We’ve done quite a few of these row house flat roof replacement, this job was a little different because of the new cornice at the ...
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Leaking flat roof-when to repair or replace?

This project started with a leaking flat roof at the skylight; the Owner called us to report that she was seeing stains. We first went ...
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Flat roof ponding water in Alexandria, VA

This roof of this row house is holding between 1.5"- 2.5" of water across much of its surface. Ponding water on a flat roof can ...
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Flat roof for a row house in Alexandria, VA

We do a lot of these flat roof row house in Alexandria, VA, my reference list for flat roof row houses is well into the ...
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From metal to membrane- low slope roof replacement

This is standing seam tin roof, probably around 40 years old.  During high winds the eave edge of the roof was peeled back and flipped ...
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Historic Restoration

This was one of my favorite projects, the house is around 115 years old  and is on the National Historic Register. Although beautiful on the ...
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