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What Are the Differences Between Metal Roofs and Shingle Roofs?

When you have so many options, determining if a metal or shingle roof is most suited for your needs can be difficult. Between the different styles and colors, benefits for your home, upkeep, and cost, there’s a lot to consider. Fortunately when you have a roofer in Landover, MD, or the surrounding areas, to help you choose the best roof for your home you can focus less on the details and more on upgrading your property.

Factors to Consider With a Roofer in Landover, MD

As you are working with your roofer to find the right roofing for you, consider the cost. You want something you can afford now or comfortably make monthly payments on. The aesthetic appeal of the roofing material also matters, especially if you plan on selling your home in the near future. You also want to think about the resale value when you choose roofing. For instance, shingle tends to provide a higher rate of return than a metal roof.

Benefits of Shingle Roofs

Shingles are pieces of material that a professional connects to a roof. At Lyons Contracting, we offer three styles: wood, asphalt, and organic/fiberglass. Roofing shingles are cost-effective when compared to metal. They can provide energy efficiency, especially if you choose a color that reflects the sunlight. Depending on the types, some shingles resist fires well. Not to mention, you can choose from a variety of styles and have them cut to fit in any roof type.

Benefits of Metal Roofs

Metal roofing uses metal sheets that the roofer will join together. This kind of roof is known for its durability. It tends to last up to three times longer than shingle. If you choose metal roofing, you’ll benefit from its energy efficiency because it reflects heat in the summer and traps it during the winter months. Metal roofs hold up to high winds, fire, and hail. This particular roofing material is sustainable because up to 95% of it is recyclable.

Overall, which type of material you choose depends on your budget, personal preferences, and intentions, such as whether you plan to sell. It’s beneficial to sit down with a roofer in Landover, MD, to help you decide.

If you’re ready for a new roof and want to discuss your options, contact Lyons Contracting by calling us at 703-299-8888 or using our form. We offer free estimates!


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