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What’s the Deal a Flat Roof? How Can They Add Value to My Home?

There are many ways you can add value to a home and as the homeowner, you get to choose what you do and when. You might consider a flat roof system, which is a modern advancement in the roofing industry. Contact a roofer in Dunn Loring VA that specializes in flat roofing to get more details on the product.

Flat Roofs Explained by a Roofer in Dunn Loring VA

Flat or low-slope roofs are customizable and waterproof. They work well for commercial properties, but they can also fit onto residential structures. They keep homes safe and dry longer than any other roof. These roofs add lasting value to any home.

Roof Replacement Versus Repairs

There might be times when you see a few little things wrong with your roof and you repair those items. Other times, there are enough repairs needed that a full roof replacement is the best idea for your home. You are going to want to contact professionals to see if it makes more sense to get a full replacement versus continuing to repair an older roof.

Flat Roof Values

There are a lot of things that a flat roof can bring to your home. You can add value to your home, which can help you pay for the roofing investment in the first place. You are going to want to figure out how much you stand to save in energy efficiency and how much you can raise the value of your home to ensure this move is worth it for you.

Best Flat Roof Systems

One of the best flat roofing systems is the Firestone TPO roof system. This is an advanced system that can withstand heat, cold, water, and everything else the elements bring their way. With cutting edge technology, this system is a popular choice.

Contact Lyons Contracting to Learn More

If you want to look into a flat roofing system contact a roofer in Dunn Loring VA, like the professionals at Lyons Contracting. You can get a free estimate and an honest opinion from experts who work on residential and commercial properties at the same time.

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