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What are Ice Dams and How Can They be Prevented?

If you see an ice dam on your roof, it’s time to seek a professional roofer in Lorton Virginia. Despite the sometimes mild but beautiful winters here, it’s important to keep your property’s roof in mind. An ice dam can damage your roof in several ways.

What Is an Ice Dam? How Do Ice Dams Form?

The heat rising from your attic will melt snow and ice on your roof. Unfortunately, if you see ice forming a border at the edge of your roof, or large icicles hanging from your eaves, then you have an ice dam. That ice dam will prevent the melted water from properly draining away through your gutters.

Instead, the water will hit the ice barrier, freeze, and increase the size of the ice dam. Various factors can contribute to an ice dam forming, but most of them will have to do with either your insulation or fluctuating temperatures.

Why Are Ice Dams a Danger to Roofs and Homes?

Water trapped behind the growing ice dam will seep into shingles and sheathing. Then, the water will freeze and expand. This process will loosen roof materials, cause damage to the roof structure, and create leaks. If the dam falls, it can cause damage or injury, and the heaviness of the dam can cause it to take a piece of your gutter down with it.

How Do You Deal with Ice Dams? How Do You Prevent Ice Dams from Forming?

You can climb a ladder and break the dam but you might also damage your gutters, the roof, or injur yourself in the process. If you see an ice dam, contact a professional roofer in Lorton Virginia instead of trying anything on your own.

If you can reach your roof from the ground with a rake, then use the rake to clear off the snow. Just make sure you avoid anything heavier than soft powder falling on you.

Various methods exist to prevent ice dams. Many of those methods have to do with adding insulation or increasing ventilation in your attic. Roof maintenance also plays a large role in preventing ice dams.

Can a Professional Roofer in Lorton Virginia Help with Ice Dams?

As a professional roofer in Lorton Virginia, we have the expertise to deal with ice dams. If you’re concerned about an ice dam or want to know more about what you can do to prevent them, contact Lyons Contracting.

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