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Tile Roofs Bring Color And Vibrancy To Your Home

Are you considering a tile roof and looking for a roofer in Annandale Virginia to help you narrow down your options? Tiles are a great way to make your roof look vibrant and colorful. They lend a very personal touch to your property and tell a story about who you are. The colors of tile roofs are fun and elegant, and their beauty can add tremendous value to your property. Roof tiles are also durable and some types of tiles can last more than 50 years, all while helping you cut down on maintenance costs and reducing the impact on the environment by using earth based materials.

Types Of Roof Tiles

One of the biggest benefits of choosing tiles for your roof is that there many different types that can adapt to your budget. Some of the most common types of tiles are clay tiles, concrete tiles, slate tiles, lightweight tiles, reclaimed tiles, and pantiles. Each one of these has different qualities that should be considered, such as their weight and durability, when choosing the ones that are right for you.

Tile colors cover the spectrum, from black to adobe, red, blue, and almost any color you can imagine, which makes them versatile and fun. Additionally, roof tiles increase the value of your home due to their long-lasting nature and the elegant finish they provide, making them the perfect choice for your property.

Are You Looking For The Best Roofer in Annandale Virginia and the Surrounding Areas?

Our roofer in Annandale Virginia can help you choose the perfect roof for your home. When you are looking for a professional, Lyons Contracting is always happy to provide experience, knowledge and the most up-to-date selection of materials and information to help you choose the best tiles for your dream project. When you are looking to add value and beauty to your home, don’t think twice about getting in touch with Lyons Contracting today!

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