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Stains on Your Ceiling? It’s Time to Get Your Roof Inspected Today!

There are many things that can show you that your roofing is in need of repairs or replacement. When you see water stains on your ceiling, especially after it rains, that’s not something you want to ignore. It may mean that your roof needs repairs or even a complete replacement. Before the damage gets worse (and it will), contact a roofer in Springfield, VA for an assessment and estimate.

Locating the Source Of Your Stains

The ceilings aren’t something you pay close attention to on a regular basis, but they are all one neutral color, most likely, and when one area changes in color, it’s something that can stand out to you. Instead of an all white ceiling, you might notice an orange or yellow spot. Whether that spot is small, or quite large, you need to find the source behind it. Water stains mean water has gotten through to your home. Either the roof is leaking or you have a pipe issue, both of which you need to deal with. If it just rained recently, a roof issue is more likely. You can start with a free roof inspection and move on from there.

Finding Professionals In Your Area

If you would like to have a roofer come by and take a look at the stains and the roof above it, take a little time to check into the right professionals for the job. Any roofer you hire needs to have a lot of experience in the industry. They also need to be local so you can count on them to be around for the long haul. Check their licensing and insurance in order to make sure you are safe to work with them. And, also, look at reviews outside their websites so you have a full understanding of what your results could be.

Contact A Roofer in Springfield, VA

When you want to have your roof checked out, contact the professionals at Lyons Contracting. We are here to assess your roof and ensure you won’t have leaks. We recommend fixing small things before they become larger issues. Get in touch with us today for a free estimate.

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