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Safely Hanging Holiday Lights

Are you looking for a roofer in Friendly, VA to give you guidance on holiday light safety? While there’s much to consider when hanging holiday lights, like the proper safety when you’re up on a ladder, we often forget about the importance of light placement that does not impede our roof and gutters.

If you want to have a beautifully decorated home without destroying your roof or gutters, read on to learn what can cause damages, and steps to avoid them.

Tips on How to Safely Hang Holiday Lights from a Roofer in Friendly, VA

Here are some tips for hanging holiday lights safely:

  1. Check your lights before even heading outside. If the lights aren’t working properly, it’s better to know before you’re on a ladder.
  2. One of the major causes of roof damage is caused by foot traffic while hanging lights, so it’s important to wear the proper footwear if you’re going to be on the roof itself; however, it’s best if you don’t step on the roof at all.
  3. When using clips to hold lights in place, make sure to use the right kind of clips. Sliding clips on and off shingles can cause damage that could become costly.
  4. It’s also important to avoid ice damming or water ponding on the roof. If decorations are preventing water from running off the roof or through the gutters properly, water can build up. Frozen temperatures could create an ice dam which leads to even more moisture on the roof.
  5. Make sure decorations aren’t too heavy. Heavy decorations can cause gutters to buckle or sag and can break shingles.

If you notice damage to your roof when hanging holiday lights, call a professional roofer in Friendly, VA, or the surrounding areas to repair the damages before they get worse. You can also call Lyons Contracting to inspect the roof before hanging holiday lights and get insight on which clips or hangers work best for your roof type.

Get in touch with Lyons Contracting today and enjoy the holiday season without damaging your home’s roof or gutters.

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