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Signs Your Roof is Leaking – Make a Plan for Repairs Today!

Are you looking for a roofer in Franconia, VA, or the surrounding areas, to help you asses your roof repairs? Maintaining our home’s roof is crucial to prevent extensive damages that might result in an entire roofing replacement. If left unattended, a minor roofing leak could cause tens of thousands of dollars in damages in the long run.

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There are some signs to look out for so that you can be on top of any roof issues that your home may have. For example, cracking shingles and water spots on the ceiling might mean you have a leak. It’s important to have a qualified roofer with the appropriate equipment, skills, and experience needed to ensure a strong roofing structure that can protect your family.

Dripping Sounds
If you hear dripping sounds that are accompanied by water spots, wetness on the floor, or cracking paint on your ceiling or corners of your wall, this implies a problem in your roof that will need to be addressed. Sometimes you might hear dripping sounds and not see evidence of water and in that case it is important to get your attic inspected. Most dripping sounds indicate an issue with your roof.

Stains on the Ceiling
Active roof leaks often cause ceiling stains; this could be due to the presence of pinholes allowing water into some homes, old roofing materials that have cracked, or missing/damaged shingles. You will want to look out for stains that are new, may be moist to the touch, or ones that get bigger (especially after heavy rains).

Bad Smells
If you notice a musty smell in your home you might have water damage. This water damage can be a result of roof leaks that have created mold or mildew in your attic or insulation material. It’s important not to ignore musty smells, as the problem will only get worse over time.

Roof Inspections Can Prevent Costly Damage

Regular roof inspections enable you to spot issues before they become large problems. With the help of a roofer, you can make plans to repair your roof so it stays in good condition and avoid extensive damages. Moreover, timely repairs will improve the roofing performance and keep your home well insulated.

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