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What to Expect When Going Solar: Residential

Solar panels are increasingly becoming popular in the United States. The demand has skyrocketed more than 23 times in the past eight years. Currently, the US is set to become the second-largest solar market in the world. If you want to start the process of going solar, contact your local roofer in Hybla Valley, VA today.

Benefits of Installing Solar Panels for your Home

Photovoltaics or PV is the technology that harnesses the sun’s power and converts it into electricity. This is the type of solar panel installed on residential rooftops. When the sun shines onto the panels, the cells absorb the photons from the sunlight, creating an electric field and causing the electricity to flow.

While solar panels can work in all climates, some rooftops may not be suitable especially when there is excessive shade on the roof. Among the other factors to consider include the shape, size, and slope of the roof. We recommend calling a roofer in your area to help you determine whether your roof is suitable to have solar panels.

How much money you save with the solar panels depends on your electricity consumption, the size of the solar energy system, and how much power it can generate. Compared to conventional forms of energy, you save big with solar energy.

Apart from the energy savings, installing solar panels also reduces your carbon footprint, resulting in less pollution, and cleaner air and water.

Call a Roofer in Hybla Valley, VA for Solar Panel Installation

Do you plan to install solar panels for your home? Lyons Contracting has over 20 years of experience in solar energy and has designed countless of solar systems, helping homeowners save money on their energy bills.

First, you’ll get a comprehensive energy-saving report showing your exact savings. After the approval process, our experienced team will make sure all safety precautions are in place and your home is up to code. We will acquire all licenses and permits which could take up to 4 weeks or sooner. When everything is good to go, our roofer in Hybla Valley, VA will install your system and activate it. We also offer backup generator panels. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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