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Preparing Your Roof for Winter – What Can You Do to Get Ahead of Damage?

Winter weather can be hard on any home, especially the roof, which is going to take the brunt of the elements. It’s a good idea to contact a roofer in Falls Church VA once winter is complete to see if there are any necessary repairs. However, if you want to avoid damage, you might prepare your roof in certain ways to make your home a safer place to live throughout the colder season. Here are a few things you can do to get your roof in good shape for that wintertime.

Get Ready for Winter with a Roofer in Falls Church VA

Trim Trees

You are going to want to make sure the trees around the roof are trimmed back so they don’t scrape along the roofing over the winter months. You also want to make sure if branches fall from the tree, they don’t hit or end up on the roof, causing damage.

Clean The Gutters

Autumn is a time of the year when the leaves fall and the gutters seem to catch more than their fair share of leaves. You will want to clean the gutters out so they are clear for the winter snow, and the melting that will inevitably come at some point.

List Leaks And Holes

If you have any loose shingles, leaks, or holes, you are going to want to list those and have repairs done before the winter months. If you leave those items out in the cold, they are likely going to get worse and cause further damage to the home and the roof. Make sure you check from damage from the ground and if you see something, take note. Have a roofer come do a more thorough inspection from up high so you can stay safe.

Contact Lyons Contracting to Get Started

It can be a good idea to have a professional come by and take a look at your roof before the winter months hit. You can repair any little things and enter into the wintertime with peace of mind that things are going to end up well around your roof. A roofer in Falls Church VA, like those at Lyons Contracting, can give you free estimates on any necessary repairs.

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