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Learn More About Your Home’s Flat Roof

A flat roof is a roof that is water proof and easily customizable. It is a flat or low-slope roof. It is a type of roofing that not too long ago was used only for commercial properties but it is becoming more and more popular with residential homes as of late. You can simply contact your local roofer in Jefferson, VA to find out more about your flat roof.

Benefits of a Flat Roof from Your Roofer in Jefferson, VA

Modern flat roofs are designed to keep any structure, residential or commercial, safe and dry longer than nearly any other type of roofing material that is out there today. With built in membranes to keep water, airborne toxins, and other pesky hazards out, flat roofs add lasting value to your home. Another benefit that many people like about these types of roofs is you can easily complete maintenance on them since you can walk around on the roof safely without the fear of falling as with traditional residential roofs. Your flat roof is going to last you many years. Your roofer in Jefferson, VA, can discuss the benefits of a flat roof with you when you complete a consultation with them.

Firestone Rubber Flat Roof Systems from Lyons Contracting

Here at Lyons Contracting, we recommend installing the Firestone TPO roof system. This system is an advanced type of roof covering which is one of several flat roof options out there. The covering used is TPO or “Thermoplastic polyolefin.” It is a heat reflective and energy efficient roof covering that is known for its weather resistant properties. The TPO membrane is able to withstand heat, cold and other weather conditions and has excellent insulation qualities as well. Firestone is a roofing manufacturer who is constantly on the cutting edge of roofing technology. Our roofers in Jefferson, VA are fully trained and certified in the installation of their flat roofing systems.

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