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How to Spot Roof Damage from Animals

You don’t want your roof to have damage for any reason. You might receive hail damage from storms, which you might expect. But what about damage from animals? You will want to check with your roofer in Springfield VA for an inspection. Here are details on how to spot roof damage that animals might have caused.

What to Look for – Signs from Your Roofer in Springfield VA

Rustling Sounds

You are going to want to keep your ear open to the sounds you hear around your house. If things are quiet and you hear a rustling sound, it might be an animal going in or out of your home through the roof. There are a variety of animals that can get into small spaces, or make small holes larger.

Noticeable Damage

When you are outside working in your yard, try to take stock of the roof from below. You might see spots that have damage that wasn’t there the last time you looked. When animals get in, they are going to create further damage to the roof, and the rest of your home. They might spread disease and create a nest in your house, bringing more animals in.

Animal Activity

A sure-fire sign of an animal damaging your roof is actually seeing an animal going to the same spot around your roof. You might hear rustling and squeaking in the walls or ceilings and you could see visible holes or hanging shingles on the roof line. These are signs that the animals are making your home their own, and that’s not a good thing for the damage on the home.

Time to Get in Touch with Lyons Contracting

If you notice animals going in and out, see damage, or suspect there might be something going on because of the noise you hear, it’s important to contact a roofer in Springfield VA to figure out what’s going on. These professionals can pinpoint where the animals are going in and what kind of damage they are doing and give you a free estimate to fix those things. Contact Lyons Contracting at the first suspicion you have of animal access or damage around your roof.

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