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How Does a Roof Inspection Prevent Major Damage?

Roof damage can be costly especially if it requires a surprise, complete roof overhaul. If you know your roof has damage, it’s worth getting ahead of a storm or the roof problem may lead to water leaks or other emergencies. Contact your local roofer in Lake Barcroft VA, or the surrounding areas, to get a roof inspection on your schedule today.

Torn Shingles, Tears in Flat Roofs, and Other Common Issues

Roof inspections are preventive, for example, identifying shingle or potential tear issues early before they become costly. Common roof problems include these:

  • Broken, torn, or missing shingles
  • Shingle granules clogging downspouts
  • Leaks
  • Damaged flashing
  • Standing or pooling water
  • Damage from cold and when frozen water melts
  • Damage from trees and falling branches

Let’s take a deeper look at a couple of these issues. First, shingles: They become damaged when the sealant loosens or comes off. Sealant erosion occurs during normal wear and tear, weather events, and even due to rodents. It’s more common with older roofs due to the wear and tear aspect. Fortunately, shingles are simple to replace. Much easier and cheaper than eventually having to replace an entire roof!

As for tree and branch damage, a storm can send trees crashing through your roof and house, causing all types of havoc. Roof inspections give you the opportunity to cut down or trim trees/branches that could cause problems.

Inspections Are a Critical Preventive Measure Against Costly Repair

A roof inspection is when contractors assess the condition of your entire roof, taking a look at shingles, attic ventilation, gutters, penetrations (pipes and other items that stick out through the roof), flashing, chimneys, and more.

Contractors share the inspection results with you and discuss any recommended measures. It’s common for inspections to turn up issues, but regular maintenance and inspections mean these bigger issues should be minor and cheaper than a full roof replacement.

Contact a Roofer in Lake Barcroft VA

Get in touch today with Lyons Contracting, a roofer in Lake Barcroft VA to arrange an inspection and other roofing services. We can uncover potential roof problems early and prevent emergencies down the road at the worst times.


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