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Does Your Home Have Roof Ventilation?

As a homeowner, your job is to protect the many systems within your home that make it functional. This includes booking proactive services for your plumbing system, heating system, and electrical system. However, one system that a lot of homeowners forget about is their roofing system. Your roofing system is extremely important since it shelters you from the outside elements. If you don’t have proper roof ventilation in place, it may be time to talk to a roofer in Seven Corners, Virginia.

How Can Roof Ventilation Extend Your Roof’s Life?

Roof ventilation is a series of intake and exhaust vents designed to trap warmer air in your home during the winter months and release hot air that rises during the humid and dense summer months. Not sure if you have ventilation? The simplest thing to do is go look outside at your eaves and on your roof. If you don’t spot any vents, then you probably don’t. You can also check for damp joists or mold in your attic, which are two other strong indications that the humid, damp air is hanging around. Ensuring your home has roof ventilation can prolong the life of your roof because damp humid air will slowly eat away your roof, but when that air is vented out, your roof remains untouched reducing natural rot.

Roof Ventilation Can Reduce Energy Bills

If you notice that you don’t have any roof ventilation, or suspect it is not working correctly anymore, it is a smart idea to talk to a roofer in Seven Corners, Virginia about it. Getting your ventilation back on track can help reduce your energy bills. By reducing temperature fluctuations, and the build-up of cold or hot air during the respective seasons, it will be easier to cool and heat your home which naturally will lead to reduced energy bills.

Contact a Roofer in Seven Corners Virginia To Check Your Roof Ventilation

Ready to save money but not sure if your roof is fully vented? Contact a roofer in Seven Corners, Virginia that can inspect your roof and offer you recommendations to remedy the situation. Lyons Contracting offers free estimates, contact us today for yours.

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