Standing Seam Copper Roof

This is a quick post of some pictures and a few words of a standing seam copper roof in Alexandria, VA

traditional standing seam copper roof
Standing seam copper roof


We installed this roof using 250 year old methods that use the roofing panels themselves to form the details through hips, angle changes and walls. These old methods which originated in western and central Europe about 400 years ago require a lot more labor but the finished product is unmatched in what I like to call tranquility of scale.

The seams in the field of the roof are 1″ high and the hip details (where two roofs come together) are also 1′ high; when all details are the same mass the roof looks graceful and for lack or a better term–tranquil. Look at the other picture (not my work) and you’ll see what I mean.


Hip and ridge detail on standing seam copper roof hip
Hip detail on standing seam copper roof hip
cap to cover standing seam (NOT MY WORK)
Using a cap to cover a hip detail (NOT MY WORK)


Another view to illustrate my point about using traditional methods to produce beautiful roofs that will provide a lifetime of service.  My roof has no exposed fasteners and no caulk, all the individual pieces of metal are locked to the adjoining panel with a double fold; every joint on the roof is watertight, this roof could be flipped upside down and used as a boat.

Hip and ridge detail on standing seam copper roof hip
Hip and ridge detail


copper roof pipe flashing
copper pipe flashing on standing seam copper roof

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