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Northern Virginia Earthquake Roof and Building Damage - Lyons Contracting

Northern Virginia Earthquake Roof and Building Damage

Please feel free to add to this in the comments section- this is a short checklist for homeowners to follow when they get home from work tonight.

Bricks falling during earthquake damage car
Bricks falling during earthquake damage car

We live in an area that has kept relatively still for a few hundred years; we just had quite a shake; there are going to be a few things to fix. If you feel the building or parts of it are unsafe then please use caution and don’t go in until a local building inspector has declared it to be safe.

These are things to look for at your house:

Inside the house:

1) Large cracks in ceilings or walls.

2) Doors that won’t open or close like they did this morning.

3) Cracks in tile floors.

Outside the house:

1) Look all around the window openings, especially if you have brick walls.

2) Look at the chimney- look for cracks or a tilt.

3) Look across the roof, check for vertical or horizontal cracks or pronounced buckling.

4) Gaps can open up in flashings at walls and chimneys.

5) Metal trim can buckle and split.

6) Falling bricks can make holes in any type of roof.

If you see any of the above you should call a roofer to secure your roof. We are supposed to get a huge amount of rain from hurricane Irene on Sunday, so please don’t delay.

If you can’t see your roof clearly from the ground you can call us to schedule an inspection.

If you need us call (703) 299-8888 or email contact@lyonscontracting.com




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