Long Term Roof Leaks

Rotted Roof decking
Rotted Roof decking

How long has it been leaking? Its my first question when someone calls about their roof; and sometimes its hard for my clients to answer.

“Not that long”; is by far the most common answer.

However, “Not that long” can mean a week , or it can mean three months and it can mean four years; it depends on the clients perception of time; sometimes the memory devices people use to date the problem can be quite entertaining. The all time longest was an elderly woman who was able to trace the start of her roof problem with the birth of her grandson in 1999; she called me in 2007.

Water damage happens slowly, then all at once.

Water intrusion is unique in the way it damages a house. Usually roofs don’t fail catastrophically, it starts small and slowly gets worse.

The faster you get to the problem the cheaper it will be to fix. If the leaky roof is ignored the damage  and cost for repairs grow exponentially; what might cost $565.00 to repair today could turn into $5,650.00 within three months. If water is allowed to come into the structure for extended periods you not only must repair the problem that caused the leak, but sometimes everything below the leak.  By the time three rainy months have passed  the insulation in the attic, plywood roof decking, rafters, drywall, electrical outlets, lighting and flooring may have been ruined. There are also mold and insect problems that come up when roofs are let go.

If you are having roof problems don’t wait to call; the sooner you deal with it the cheaper it will be. If cash is tight and you can’t pay for it all, ask us for help. If I can afford it I might be able to extend your time to pay. The universe has been good to me and i find that when I am good to others I’m rarely let down by them.

Leaking roof and rotted decking
Leaking roof and rotted decking

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