Hurricanes and Roofs: Northern Virginia Roofing Service


In about two hours from now the first rain and wind from Hurricane Irene will be here in Northern Virginia; its going to make a mess.

If you haven’t done so already you have a little time to make sure your gutters are cleared.

Move your lawn furniture in the garage or stack it tightly together and bind it with a rope, bring in anything that can go flying.

Plants in pots will be safest placed against the wall on the ground. Plastic kids toys can easily go flying and break your windows or your neighbors so get them inside too.

When the storm really gets going some of you are going to have roof leaks. When faced with a stream of water dropping out of the ceiling you must resist the urge to go up on your roof to see why.

Don’t Go Up on Your Roof!!!

Relax, everything can be fixed.

Move everything you can away from the the drip and put out some buckets, pots or plastic sheeting to catch the water. You can come up with new and creative ways to catch the water- remember the Mouse Trap board game? Chances are really good that the power is going out and you wont have anything else to do anyway; so have fun with it. Ok, it’s not going to be fun, it’s going to be a miserable couple days, but my point is that there is nothing worth getting hurt over.

My job as a roofer is dangerous on a good day, a panicked homeowner trying to fix their roof in a gale with plastic from their dry cleaning is a recipe for utter disaster. Let it leak, its not worth getting hurt over. Drywall, paint and plaster are all relatively cheap and can easily be replaced; chances are you always hated the color in the dining room and this will be your chance to repaint and love it.

This will certainly be a tough 24 hours; when Hurricanes pass through they are almost always followed by a few days of beautiful weather. The forecast for Sunday through next week shows clear sunny skies; plenty of time for me to fix your roof.

If you have damage to you roof call (703) 299-8888 or

email tom@lyonscontracting.com

or text to 571-830-0634

and I’ll be out ASAP after the storm passes.

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